Lights, camera, action! (well sorta!)

One day I WILL sit down to read my Nikon D3000 camera manual in its entirety (believe it or not, I read my serger machine manual, hehe!) and sound like a photographer, but in the meantime, I’ve just been playing around with the settings while I take the shots. Anyway, I took the following pictures in sequence (and at my daughter’s expense!). I love the  lighting and the glow it >> Continue reading

iLove gadgets

We’re a gadget family as you probably noticed here and here. Lately though we’ve been partial to everything Apple – iPhone, iTouch, iPad, Macbooks…. maybe an Apple TV soon?! Hint hint hubby! After I got over the “wow it’s my shiny new phone that I can check my email, Facebook and Twitter on” phase I discovered the apps. (It’s a little embarrassing to admit but even though I’m in the >> Continue reading

Family Fun

Since Wednesday of last week, posting has been sporadic and  we have been in go go go mode. Why? I’ve got family in town! It has been a lot of fun catching up, hanging out and showing them around but oh so tiring as well. Not to mention the copious amount of food we’ve inhaled. I think I’ve eaten enough to hibernate for the winter! We’re still go go going >> Continue reading

My ultimate holiday feast

I love this time of year – everyone’s into the holiday spirit, and even with how busy things can get, it’s fun to be part of the hustle and bustle. But what I enjoy the most is a reason to eat whatever I want without feeling super guilty about it…it is after all the holidays, right? Food makes the holidays more festive, and I’d like to share some of my favorites (recipes >> Continue reading

My TRAVIS concerts…

This past weekend, Cathy and I attended the Fran and Andy Show – it was a concert held by two of the four members of the Scottish band TRAVIS. It was an awesome show that chronicled select songs that they recorded from the very beginning until now. They’re one of our favorite bands, and we have been to a total of four of their concerts…and met the band members afterwards each time. It’s so hard >> Continue reading

Dinner & movie nights

Before Cathy and I had kids, we had dinner and movie nights pretty frequently. The husbands really enjoyed it too because it was our opportunity to try something new and be creative with our dishes, whether the recipe came from one of our trusted cookbooks or from an episode of “Everyday Italian” or “Barefoot Contessa” that we watched earlier in the week. Of course, Cathy and I did all the planning, first >> Continue reading

HTML & Dreamweaver

This past spring, I took two classes–HTML and Dreamweaver. Both were online classes–I had never taken an online class before and was pleasantly surprised at how much I learned without physically being in the classroom. As a marketing professional, I used the Web quite extensively to market products as it is a powerful and cost-efficient way to reach a broad audience. I wanted to take my experience one step further and >> Continue reading