i heart faces: orange

She was such a ham for the camera on this day. We were doing a photoshoot for embe and I couldn’t believe my luck. She went through outfit changes, hair fixes and poses all without a bribe! Don’t forget to visit i heart faces to see all the amazing entries!

i heart faces: Pink

This week’s theme is pink in celebration of Breast Cancer month. One of my favorite photos of the Little Peanut. We were getting ready for Lunar New Year at our Vietnamese church. She’s wearing the traditional Vietnamese ao dai (dress) and khan dong (hat). My first attempt at selective coloring. I tried to no avail to get the pink to be softer because I think the bright pink has a >> Continue reading

i heart faces: In the orchard

Last year while visiting my cousin in Seattle she took us to a pumpkin patch. Believe it or not that was my (and my girls) first trip ever! I thought it would be a fun tradition and so we made our first trip out to Anoka County Farms a few weeks ago. The weather was unusually warm as you can see by her sleeveless dress! And despite the apprehensive look >> Continue reading

Lights, camera, action! (well sorta!)

One day I WILL sit down to read my Nikon D3000 camera manual in its entirety (believe it or not, I read my serger machine manual, hehe!) and sound like a photographer, but in the meantime, I’ve just been playing around with the settings while I take the shots. Anyway, I took the following pictures in sequence (and at my daughter’s expense!). I love the  lighting and the glow it >> Continue reading

i heart faces: chalk

I don’t have an entry for this week but ya’ll should go take a look at the others! These are some of my favorites: Free Kisses Family Trifecta Olive And this one from 13 going on 30 is something the Little Peanut would totally do!

I ♥ Faces: Smirk

I live with the queen of snarky. Just yesterday as we were leaving the library I asked Little Peanut if she wanted to hold my hand out to the car. She promptly replied, “NO! I’ll walk by myself!” It started at a very young age too. She was about 4 months when I took this. We call this photo “The Stewie.” It was as if she knew what her shirt >> Continue reading

I ♥ Faces: My summer in review

This summer was all about getting the Little Peanut out and about. Last year she was just learning how to crawl and had a great dislike for strollers so we didn’t get to do much. While her dislike of strollers remains the same she’s able to walk – I mean RUN so it was a little easier. (Lets pretend I didn’t almost lose her in Target and considered buying a >> Continue reading