Kindness has no language barriers

Picture some tourists huddled under a storefront awning trying to keep dry from the rain while inspecting their tourist map. Would you stop and see if they needed help? One young boy did and saved us a lot of angst, time and money. I was so touched by his kindness that to this day I still remember him and try to pass along the kindness he showed to us that >> Continue reading

Yelapa, Mexico

This is one of my all time favorite photos. We were on a day trip to Yelapa, Mexico and were allowed time to wonder the beach and we came across this pile of rocks. What caught my eye was that someone had stacked up a few on the right. It only took seconds for me to pull out my camera and find the right angle. The boat in the back >> Continue reading

Vietnam market full of fresh fruit!

This photo makes me want to hop on a plane today and head to Vietnam. The markets are full of fresh food, this is one of the may isles of fruits. It just makes my mouth water thinking about the logans (nhan), rambutan (chom chom), green dragon (thanh long), mangosteen (mang cut) and many more! Learn about the different fruit available in Vietnam here.

Rain? That’s not going to stop us!

Vietnam is known to have two seasons – dry and rainy. We just happened to be visiting during rainy season and were amazed at how well everyone got around during downpour! It seems they’re use to it because in a blink of an eye everyone went from not wearing the rain covers to having them on. Lucky for us, that day we were in a taxi!

Escape the cold!

Winter is setting in and what a better way to forget about the cold and snow then looking at pictures of sunny Mexico? In early 2008 Mary and I (and our husbands!) took one last pre-baby trip together. Since none of us had been on a cruise the decision was an easy one to make. The question was where to? We chose to cruise the Mexican Riviera and visited Mazatlan, >> Continue reading