Melt in your mouth chocolate truffles

These truffles are YUMMY. They were also really easy to make. I won’t go into details as she does an awesome job explaining. Click here for the recipe. I sprung for Ghirardelli chocolate chips and they turned out delicious! The only thing I did differently was re-heat/dip the melon baller after each use. It helped them to come out easier. Next time I plan on adding some powdered sugar to >> Continue reading

Christmas Baking

Every year growing up our neighbor across the street would bring us a big box of homemade goodies. It was something we looked forward to and always remember when Christmas rolls around. My favorites were the gingerbread cookies. While I never asked I always pictured her with her kids and grand kids baking away all day in the kitchen. Kids running around on a sugar high from eating too much >> Continue reading

Red velvet cake balls

These little red velvet cake balls are oh so yummy. If you haven’t heard of Bakerella then you’re missing out! She makes the most darling little cake pops for all occasions. Since making my little Bakerella discovery I’ve been wanting to make the cake balls but never found the time- until last weekend. All the Christmas crafts were finished and I was feeling restless! We actually dug into the cake >> Continue reading

Scones – Yum!

That’s what I scribbled at the top of this super moist melt in your mouth scone recepie – YUM! Before our little one came along we weren’t ones to have breakfast but we did enjoy a good scone every now and then whenever we made a stop at Caribou Coffee or Starbucks. One day I was surfing the Food Network’s website and came across a quick and easy recipie for >> Continue reading