LEGO Birthday Party…Fit for a Five Year Old!

The moment my son took interest in LEGOs, I knew it was just a matter of time before I incorporated it as a theme for an upcoming birthday.  So for his big 0-5 birthday at the end of May, I took all those Pinterest pins I saved and created some really cool stuff (if I should say so myself!). Thanks to the pinners for providing awesome ideas for what turned out to >> Continue reading

Paper birthday banner

Paper is my current favorite medium at the moment (the Spring paper wreath was my last craft project). I also bought a paper cutter a while back that cuts out perfect circles…no longer will I try to cut circles out with regular scissors again.  So my latest craft project involves pretty paper, lots of circles and it just so happens to be another decoration that I made for my baby >> Continue reading

embe turns 1!

Wow, I can’t believe our “baby” is turning 1! I remember vividly the day that Cathy and I launched embe. We were so nervous and excited–we  received our first sale within hours of the launch. Our first order was a pair of leg/arm warmers! A very heartfelt thanks to our family, friends and customers for their support. And thanks to all of you who have an appreciation for the handmade craft. >> Continue reading

Milestone weekend for my kids

Last weekend my family enjoyed two great milestones in our kids’ lives; my baby girl (who is exactly three months old today!) got baptized and my boy turned 2! It was a very special weekend shared with family and friends. Unfortunately, my family back in Texas was not able to partake, but we definitely felt their love, thoughts and prayers. One of my sisters sent each of them cards – >> Continue reading

Keepsakes and traditions for baby

Before my son was born, I had so many ideas on what I would do to capture those precious moments and milestones of his life…taking lots of pictures and videos, writing in my journal to record special moments, sending monthly updates to family and so on. Now that he’s almost 17 months, it’s hard to believe that I got a lot of those memories – his first year in particular – >> Continue reading