On-the-go artist

Christmas has long been over but I finally got around to snapping some pictures of my 11th hour crafting on Christmas Eve Eve (we open gifts on Christmas Eve after Church and a late late dinner. Some years you could say we open gifts early Christmas morning… say at 1am!) So there I was trying to think of some stocking stuffers for Little Peanut when I remembered this: We were >> Continue reading

Etsy favorites Wednesday: budding artist

Back in February my daughter discovered the world of coloring. She loves to scribble and if we’re not keeping a close eye on her she’ll move from the paper to the table and then the chair. She’s even gotten a few marks on her clothing and face! Luckily she hasn’t gotten to the walls yet. (Knock on wood!) That said, this weeks favorites is for my Little Peanut who loves >> Continue reading

A time for thanks

When I was young I remember my family waiting for the Thanksgiving Day Star Tribune (our local newspaper) to arrive. My mom of course was waiting for the ads and coupons to plan her Black Friday agenda. My sister and I on the other hand were waiting for the annual Thanksgiving coloring turkey. It was a lot of fun to each take a section of the turkey to color and >> Continue reading