eReader sleeve

For Christmas, my sister and brother-in-law gave me a Kindle. It’s a very sleek eReader and I’ve been having a fun time playing around with it and downloading books off the Internet. While I was impressed with its capabilities – the ability to store more than 3,000 books (I don’t think I’ll get near that number) or that it has a battery life around a month – what really got >> Continue reading

Craft tip: Snowflake garland

The day after Thanksgiving, I went into full holiday decoration mode. I strung garland on the banister, the mantle, and put up my Christmas tree. I wasn’t sure what do with with the narrow window next to my front door until I came across some snowflake garland I made last year. It was a great way to recycle an existing item and add some whimsy to the window. All you >> Continue reading

Craft tip: Halloween wreath

Cathy and I are throwing a Halloween party for the kids this weekend, and we’re having a fun time planning it! One of the many decorations I have is a Halloween wreath. It’s a super easy way to change a regular autumn foliage wreath into somehing fun and cute for Halloween! All you need are: orange cardstock , string, glue/tape and of course, a wreath (NOTE: For the spiders/bats, cut them >> Continue reading

Craft tip: Magnetic letters & shapes

These Melissa & Doug magnetic letters were an impulse buy and they’ve turned out to be one of the best. They came with a chalk/whiteboard but I stashed that and put them on the dishwasher for the Little Peanut to play with while I cook. I love them because they’re not the typical plastic letters that you see in most homes. Like all Melissa & Doug products they’re made from >> Continue reading

Craft tip: Butterfly streamer

Ever since we went to the Blooming Butterflies exhibit Little Peanut has got a thing for butterflies. Awhile back I had cutout a few and taped them to the wall above her changing table. For a long time she wanted to take them down but I convinced her that they were decoration…. until one day last week when she batted her eyes and pleaded with daddy for them. So down >> Continue reading

DIY Storge Box With Ribbon Handle

Remember these storage boxes? We use one of them for the Little Peanuts train set and she always tries to carry the box around but the problem is there’s no handle cutout on the other side. The poor girl always ends up loosing grip and dropping all the pieces on the floor only to rinse and repeat! I suppose the easy route would have been to cut out another handle >> Continue reading

“Daddy’s button-down shirts” blanket

One day when my husband was cleaning out his closet, he accumulated a pile of button-down shirts that he no longer wears. They were either really old, out of style, or didn’t fit anymore. It got me thinking of what I could do with all that fabric! I came up with the idea to make a blanket for my son – it would definitely be one of a kind and >> Continue reading

Magnetic bookmark tutorial

When I saw this tutorial on … is five I was instantly drawn in. First not only do I love how she embroidered the book marks I also love the colors and the practicality of it! When I was younger I was a huge reader. My favorites started out with Beverly Cleary Ramona series then as I grew older I moved on to Sweet Valley Twins & High by Francine >> Continue reading

Candle bling bling!

While doing some spring cleaning I came across a box of candles and some craft supplies that included some glue on jewels. I remembered my sister’s wedding favors and how she slaved for hours gluing on beads and pearls in flower shapes to candles and thought it would be fun to try it out with the jewels I found. It was fun trying out different designs. I used a silver >> Continue reading