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Leather “Believe” Bracelet

This winter has felt exceptionally long and I’ve been in a funk lately (missing the warm breeze and SUN!). Whenever I feel this way I always turn to words. Writing, reading, quotes, poetry… you name it. If you follow me on Pinterest, you probably noticed my quotes board has exploded the last few weeks. While I was wondering around Michaels doing some happy shopping (hehe!) I came across the display >> Continue reading

I (heart) Texas Canvas

Celebrating National Craft Month!

Hello March! Not only am I looking forward to seeing the snow melt from my lawn, I am excited about about trying out three projects (for the third month of the year) that I found on Pinterest in honor of National Craft Month! Project #1: LEGO(r) Crayons This LEGO crayon project from estylojewelry is the perfect craft project for my boy who is in love with LEGOs. His birthday is coming up >> Continue reading

Paper birthday banner

Paper is my current favorite medium at the moment (the Spring paper wreath was my last craft project). I also bought a paper cutter a while back that cuts out perfect circles…no longer will I try to cut circles out with regular scissors again.  So my latest craft project involves pretty paper, lots of circles and it just so happens to be another decoration that I made for my baby >> Continue reading

Leave Santa a note!

When I was young, my sister and I would leave out cookies and milk for Santa. We would also write him a little thank you note or some years leave a “Don’t eat these Dad, they’re for Santa!” sign. Making these reminded me of those younger years and of the older ones where we would remind each other to eat the cookies before our younger brother woke up! Download embes >> Continue reading

Wrap gifts like a pro!

One summer I worked in the Wrap and Send department of what was then Dayton’s (now Macy’s). It was a fun job because one of my best friends worked there along with a handful of other high school students. What was better then hanging out with friends and wrapping presents in pretty paper? While I already knew how to wrap gifts (my mom use to make my sister and I >> Continue reading

Greeting card book

I’ll admit it, I keep almost every card given to me. For awhile I didn’t know how to store them and just shoved them in a box. Then one day it dawned on me. I could use metal rings and “bind” the cards together by occasion so that whenever I wanted to look at my wedding cards or baby shower cards I could read them like a “book”. Supplies Metal >> Continue reading

Rosettes of encouragement

My daughter is still too young for these but I thought that when the time came they would be a great way to help encourage her. The nice thing about making them is that you can write anything on them to suit the occasion. (I see “great pooper!” on one when potty training time comes along, hehe) These also would be great for parties as place cards (minus the ribbon) >> Continue reading

Cupcake decorator

Here’s one craft tip that my son was more than happy to partake…he got to eat it afterwards! This is a super easy way to decorate your cupcakes. All you need are the following: 1) Paper – preferably cardstock to hold a small amount of confectioner’s sugar 2) Craft punch (if you don’t have a craft punch, you can cut out your very own design) 3) Cupcakes (a dark flavor like chocolate so >> Continue reading