Felt Playland For Hours of Imaginary Play!

Winter break arrived and I was scrambling to find activities to keep the kids from going stir crazy! One thing I was able to depend on though is this felt playland I made for them a few summers ago when we went on our first family cruise. It was one of those projects I had wanted to make for the kids for a long time after seeing some amazing felt >> Continue reading

embe cardboard house

DIY: Cardboard Playouse 2

Awhile back Mary shared her DIY: Cardboard Playhouse and whenever we get together at her house my kids just love playing in it. Since I’m kind of a cardboard box hoarder and hubby suggested maybe throwing away some of the boxes, the horror! I thought it was time to make a house for my kids as well. The house is held together with duct tape. Lots of duct tape. The >> Continue reading

leather believe bracelet - embeshop

Leather “Believe” Bracelet

This winter has felt exceptionally long and I’ve been in a funk lately (missing the warm breeze and SUN!). Whenever I feel this way I always turn to words. Writing, reading, quotes, poetry… you name it. If you follow me on Pinterest, you probably noticed my quotes board has exploded the last few weeks. While I was wondering around Michaels doing some happy shopping (hehe!) I came across the display >> Continue reading

Instagram Magnets DIY

I love taking photos with Instagram because even blurry ones can be salvaged with a filter applied. Check out my blurry pics: My mom loves photos of the kids, but normal 4×6 prints weren’t going to cut it for Instagrams and I’m a little too frugal to use the many Instagram photo printers out there. Being the crafty type I wanted to DIY it. I remember seeing How About Orange’s >> Continue reading

Tin Can Vase

I’m sort of a tin can and glass jar horder. One of our laundry room cupboards is filled with em! Last night I finally pulled them out to do some crafting. My garden is almost blooming and with it being wedding season I got a little romantic with my tin can vases! Love, cherish, adore, XOXO are stamped onto the fabric. The fabrics are bleached and non-bleached muslin cut with >> Continue reading

DIY Magnetic Board

Little Peanut spent a lot of time in the kitchen at our old house (due to lack of play space) and we invested in quite a few magnetic toys to keep her entertained. The new basement playroom has plenty of room but no magnetic surfaces. Inspired by this popular Pinterest pin I set out to find something similar and came up with this: With little luck finding the right oil >> Continue reading

Spring themed baby shower

My workplace has had a baby boom lately (and everyone has stopped drinking the water!) A few weeks ago we welcomed three little ones to the world. But before doing so we had to have a little party! The ladies of the Interactive Services department put our heads together for this a spring themed baby shower. Initially we were going for pink and blue but a few of the baked >> Continue reading

DIY Spice Rack Shelf

Cooking. Sometimes I love it sometimes I hate it. I’m more of a cook out of necessity person but I do enjoy a good cooking session now and then. Our old house had a great built in spice rack. Our new house… not so much. See.. I stuck them all in the cabinet and could never find anything. Plus look at all that wasted space at the top! A search >> Continue reading

On-the-go artist

Christmas has long been over but I finally got around to snapping some pictures of my 11th hour crafting on Christmas Eve Eve (we open gifts on Christmas Eve after Church and a late late dinner. Some years you could say we open gifts early Christmas morning… say at 1am!) So there I was trying to think of some stocking stuffers for Little Peanut when I remembered this: We were >> Continue reading

Fat Quarter Apron

Little Peanut has a lot of fun play cooking by pulling out all the tupperware and pantry items. Her favorite item to cook is soup for daddy. I always try to get her to wear her Little chef apron but she puts it on for a few seconds and then wants it off. She’s no stranger to watching mom (or grandma) cook but aprons have never been apart of our >> Continue reading