Craft tip: Magnetic letters & shapes

These Melissa & Doug magnetic letters were an impulse buy and they’ve turned out to be one of the best. They came with a chalk/whiteboard but I stashed that and put them on the dishwasher for the Little Peanut to play with while I cook. I love them because they’re not the typical plastic letters that you see in most homes. Like all Melissa & Doug products they’re made from >> Continue reading

Fabric rosettes, my long lost love

Fabric flowers have been on my craft list for a long time. With the weather getting cooler I did my seasonal closet clean and came across some jersey knit shirts from my pregnancy days. I put them in and took them out of the donate box a few times before deciding to keep them for crafting. In an “ah ha” moment I remembered an episode of Martha Stewart where she >> Continue reading

DIY Storge Box With Ribbon Handle

Remember these storage boxes? We use one of them for the Little Peanuts train set and she always tries to carry the box around but the problem is there’s no handle cutout on the other side. The poor girl always ends up loosing grip and dropping all the pieces on the floor only to rinse and repeat! I suppose the easy route would have been to cut out another handle >> Continue reading

Storage problems solved

Every time I go to the store (Target, Marshalls, Bed Bath and Beyond, Ikea etc) I look at the plethora of storage boxes. Canvas, leather, paper, wicker, plastic… the options are endless. The problem? None of them fit the spaces I want to put them in (10×10 and 10×14) or were the wrong color. Then a few months ago I discovered Make It and Love It and her tutorial on >> Continue reading

Meet Peter Puppy

You may remember a few weeks ago our Etsy favorite Wednesday: Baby sewing patterns featured the Liberty Lion pattern. I couldn’t resist the adorable patterns and the buy one get one sale from Bit of Whimsy Dolls and bought the Peter Puppy and Millie Monkey patterns. With the Little Peanut at grandma’s house and no contract work to do I declared today “me” day and finally got to create my >> Continue reading

Candle bling bling!

While doing some spring cleaning I came across a box of candles and some craft supplies that included some glue on jewels. I remembered my sister’s wedding favors and how she slaved for hours gluing on beads and pearls in flower shapes to candles and thought it would be fun to try it out with the jewels I found. It was fun trying out different designs. I used a silver >> Continue reading

Crocheting in the round with Magic Rings

As a newbie knitter I had learned about, a forum for crafters to share their FO (finished objects) and patterns. While browsing I fell in love with these little crochet animals called amigurumi. I immediately wanted to learn how to crochet and went about searching for online tutorials. I quickly learned how to sc, increase and decrease. But the most useful tutorial I found was this one on making >> Continue reading

Personalized party hat!

I once gave a friend a birthday card that said, “A fun party is one where you leave with your underwear on your head, but a GREAT party is when you leave with someone ELSE’S!” Ok, so this tip isn’t about underwear but it is about parties and head-wear. This was a last minute addition to my little girls birthday decorations. It didn’t even occur to me to have a >> Continue reading

Leave Santa a note!

When I was young, my sister and I would leave out cookies and milk for Santa. We would also write him a little thank you note or some years leave a “Don’t eat these Dad, they’re for Santa!” sign. Making these reminded me of those younger years and of the older ones where we would remind each other to eat the cookies before our younger brother woke up! Download embes >> Continue reading

Wrap gifts like a pro!

One summer I worked in the Wrap and Send department of what was then Dayton’s (now Macy’s). It was a fun job because one of my best friends worked there along with a handful of other high school students. What was better then hanging out with friends and wrapping presents in pretty paper? While I already knew how to wrap gifts (my mom use to make my sister and I >> Continue reading