Change it up with appliques

While I struggle myself with making a hat look fashionable my girl totally rocks them as you can see here: She’s currently in the “I can do it myself Mommy!” phase and insists on  dressing herself. She’s still getting the hang of shirts and pants but has mastered hats. The cute thing is she puts them on without caring where the brim is and most of the time it ends >> Continue reading

Etsy favorite Wednesdays: Amigurumi

The whole reason why I learned how to crochet was to make amigurumi. Can you blame me? Just look at these adorable patterns! I can’t wait until the little peanut gets old enough to play with pretend food so I can whip up some cupcakes, cookies and of course veggies. First row: Darling duckling, Lion gurumi, Crochet vegetable tray Second row: Brisa ballerina, Forest friends silly slimy snails, Cupcakes Third >> Continue reading

Crocheting in the round with Magic Rings

As a newbie knitter I had learned about, a forum for crafters to share their FO (finished objects) and patterns. While browsing I fell in love with these little crochet animals called amigurumi. I immediately wanted to learn how to crochet and went about searching for online tutorials. I quickly learned how to sc, increase and decrease. But the most useful tutorial I found was this one on making >> Continue reading