Colorful 1st Birthday Party

This party was so much fun to plan and execute. I’m not gonna lie, I love how it turned out! I wanted a fun and bright theme and the result was colorful. My goal was to spend as little as possible on decorations because the bulk of the budget was going towards food and alcohol. We had to feed approximately 60 people! One pack of colored paper and 6 streamer >> Continue reading

Craft tip: Butterfly streamer

Ever since we went to the Blooming Butterflies exhibit Little Peanut has got a thing for butterflies. Awhile back I had cutout a few and taped them to the wall above her changing table. For a long time she wanted to take them down but I convinced her that they were decoration…. until one day last week when she batted her eyes and pleaded with daddy for them. So down >> Continue reading

Candle bling bling!

While doing some spring cleaning I came across a box of candles and some craft supplies that included some glue on jewels. I remembered my sister’s wedding favors and how she slaved for hours gluing on beads and pearls in flower shapes to candles and thought it would be fun to try it out with the jewels I found. It was fun trying out different designs. I used a silver >> Continue reading

Holiday traditions for my family

My family has quite a few holiday traditions and now with my own little one I hope to continue those and start a few new ones that we can continue through the years. Last year she was only 4 weeks old so while she celebrated Christmas she didn’t get to participate in any of it. While she’s not old enough to understand Christmas I believe she does know that it’s >> Continue reading

Last-minute holiday decorating idea – holiday card hangings

While I was digging through my holiday decorations box, I came across some old Christmas cards that I had received last year. It sparked an idea for a decoration for the vertical window next to my front door. This is a quick way to spruce up any window, wall or staircase. All you need is ribbon, tape and holiday cards! Here are the easy steps: 1) Normally, holiday cards are >> Continue reading

Budget-friendly decorating tips

After I’ve watched a great “Divine Design” makeover, I dream of giving one of my own rooms (actually all my rooms!) the Candace Olson touch. But unfortunately I don’t have $20,000 to spare. With bills to pay and mouths to feed, re-decorating is a luxury I can’t afford. To fill that urge, I get creative and learn how to stretch my decorating dollar. Here are some quick tips to bring some life back into >> Continue reading