Leave Santa a note!

When I was young, my sister and I would leave out cookies and milk for Santa. We would also write him a little thank you note or some years leave a “Don’t eat these Dad, they’re for Santa!” sign. Making these reminded me of those younger years and of the older ones where we would remind each other to eat the cookies before our younger brother woke up! Download embes >> Continue reading

Last-minute holiday decorating idea – holiday card hangings

While I was digging through my holiday decorations box, I came across some old Christmas cards that I had received last year. It sparked an idea for a decoration for the vertical window next to my front door. This is a quick way to spruce up any window, wall or staircase. All you need is ribbon, tape and holiday cards! Here are the easy steps: 1) Normally, holiday cards are >> Continue reading

Fun and festive felt fortune cookies!

When I was working at the ad agency, I had the opportunity to work with the New Business group which was responsible for finding new clients and pitching our great advertising ideas. I remember during one project, we wanted to find a really creative way to reveal some objectives and someone mentioned fortune cookies. The only way to do was to make some real fortune cookies. Being the young and naive >> Continue reading