DIY Spice Rack Shelf

Cooking. Sometimes I love it sometimes I hate it. I’m more of a cook out of necessity person but I do enjoy a good cooking session now and then. Our old house had a great built in spice rack. Our new house… not so much. See.. I stuck them all in the cabinet and could never find anything. Plus look at all that wasted space at the top! A search >> Continue reading

DIY: Cardboard Playhouse

My sister in Texas has this toy playhouse that her kids have outgrown. It would be perfect for my kids right now but the cost to ship it up here would have been way too much. After she mentioned it again during one of our phone conversations, it got me thinking about making a playhouse for my kids. It just so happened that I had a large box from an >> Continue reading

My ultimate DIY project – My Wedding Dress!

My 7-month old daughter has really taken to my wedding pictures that hang above my headboard. She’s been staring at them for months and I wonder if she really recognizes me in those pics. Ah, I looked so young and stress-free back then…it’s amazing how a husband and two kids can really age a person. Well, I guess the six years since those photos were taken have something to do >> Continue reading

Storage problems solved

Every time I go to the store (Target, Marshalls, Bed Bath and Beyond, Ikea etc) I look at the plethora of storage boxes. Canvas, leather, paper, wicker, plastic… the options are endless. The problem? None of them fit the spaces I want to put them in (10×10 and 10×14) or were the wrong color. Then a few months ago I discovered Make It and Love It and her tutorial on >> Continue reading

Personalized party hat!

I once gave a friend a birthday card that said, “A fun party is one where you leave with your underwear on your head, but a GREAT party is when you leave with someone ELSE’S!” Ok, so this tip isn’t about underwear but it is about parties and head-wear. This was a last minute addition to my little girls birthday decorations. It didn’t even occur to me to have a >> Continue reading

DIY home improvment project

Last summer we put our condo up for sale. The market wasn’t great for it but we had found a home we loved and wanted to take advantage of the buyers market. Unfortunately we didn’t have much interest in our home and ended up taking it off the market when the little peanut was born. During the process of selling we talked about different improvement projects we would do if >> Continue reading