Front Door Makeover

My house was built in 2005 and after eleven years, I finally got around to giving my front door a facelift…the burgundy color just had to go! I did a lot of research from different hardware stores, Pinterest and the like and found a paint that got a lot of rave reviews – Modern Masters (NOTE: I am in no way affiliated with nor am paid to promote this product!). >> Continue reading

DIY: Cardboard Playhouse

My sister in Texas has this toy playhouse that her kids have outgrown. It would be perfect for my kids right now but the cost to ship it up here would have been way too much. After she mentioned it again during one of our phone conversations, it got me thinking about making a playhouse for my kids. It just so happened that I had a large box from an >> Continue reading

My ultimate DIY project – My Wedding Dress!

My 7-month old daughter has really taken to my wedding pictures that hang above my headboard. She’s been staring at them for months and I wonder if she really recognizes me in those pics. Ah, I looked so young and stress-free back then…it’s amazing how a husband and two kids can really age a person. Well, I guess the six years since those photos were taken have something to do >> Continue reading