Crocheting in the round with Magic Rings

As a newbie knitter I had learned about, a forum for crafters to share their FO (finished objects) and patterns. While browsing I fell in love with these little crochet animals called amigurumi. I immediately wanted to learn how to crochet and went about searching for online tutorials. I quickly learned how to sc, increase and decrease. But the most useful tutorial I found was this one on making >> Continue reading

My childhood lovies

As a child I had a lot of lovies. There was a teddy bear that I’ve forgotten the name of but he’s present in quite a bit of my childhood photos. Then there was Christina the faux Cabbage Patch Doll my dad made me. There was also the real Cabbage patch doll I eventually got (and also named Christina). Finally there was Sally. The famous one of them all. She >> Continue reading

Childhood games and toys

Some of the fondest memories I have of my childhood were all the games and toys we made growing up. Being one of seven kids of immigrant parents, we didn’t have much, and we learned quickly not to ask for much either. So we had to be really creative with what we did have. I remember my older sisters making game cards from notebook paper. They drew pictures of different types >> Continue reading