Etsy Wednesday: Vintage

Feeling a little vintage today! Links to these fabulous items are below the image First row: Fall newsboy hat and tie, Shutterbug vintage organic knit dress, The Audrey headband Second row: Custom sugary sweet summer frock, Ivory crushed satin petticoat bloomers, Vintage style hat

Etsy Wednesday: Lover of coffee…

For my mom who is a lover of coffee, cooking, and knits. She also loves to get dolled up for a special occasion and fills her cozy home with love and photos of the grandkids. Can you guess what her favorite color is?! Click on the image to go to the item or Click here to view my ‘Lover of coffee, cooking, and knits’ treasury! Purple,Shawl,Perfect fo… SRdesign $32.00 Aubergine >> Continue reading

Etsy Wednesday: It’s a wormy world

Ever since I can remember worms give me the willies. I dreaded the walk to school on rainy mornings because I knew they would be out in full force. Even now I don’t know if it’s the thought of squishing them (in my head I always imagine they would make a “squish” noise and I would feel their little bodies crumpling under my weight- ewwww!) or the thought of holding >> Continue reading

Etsy favorite Wed: Fall is in the air.

It feels like it went from summer to fall overnight here in MN! While I’m not fond of the cooler weather I do love that it gives me a reason to wear my knit hats and scarves. I’ve got enough to outfit the Brady Bunch but I’m sure I’ll be making a few more this year as I do every year! The trees are still pretty green but I’m looking >> Continue reading

Etsy favorite Wednesday: Somewhere over the rainbow

We had a rainy July 4th morning and every once in awhile we get to see the most gorgeous rainbows (like this one). There wasn’t one for us to see that morning so I’ve made my own! Here is my rainbow…. (Click the image to go to the treasury) I may have to change the theme to treasuries because now that I’ve made one I see what the love is >> Continue reading

Etsy favorite Wed: Dreaming treasury

Wow where did the week go?! Wednesday came and passed in a blink of an eye. Time sure does pass quickly when you’re not paying attention. Which is the perfect segway into this awesome treasury by fellow HandmadeMN team member SacredSuds. She’s a treasury curator extrodinare, always creating such wonderful collections. Summer has just arrived but Autumn will be here before you know it! This treasury is dreaming of autumn >> Continue reading

Etsy favorite Wednesday: for the men

This weeks edition is for the men! (I know it’s a day late… ) Initially I began looking for items for my hubby but as I added items I realized it was more akin to my TV crush Neal Caffrey then my husband. I admit it,  I got a thing for White Collars Neal Caffrey and my husband doesn’t mind. Matt Bomer himself is easy on the eyes but I >> Continue reading

Etsy favorite Wednesday: Summer Heat Treasury

So I’m going to cheat* a little this week and post a treasury I’ve fallen in love with. This Summer Heat treasury was put together by KOBrienPhotography and features bright and bold colors of pink and orange. When I saw it my first thought was, “wow this would make an awesome color palette for the Little Peanuts new bedroom!” I pictured her crib with the baby quilt, the sock monkey >> Continue reading