Family Fun

Since Wednesday of last week, posting has been sporadic and  we have been in go go go mode. Why? I’ve got family in town! It has been a lot of fun catching up, hanging out and showing them around but oh so tiring as well. Not to mention the copious amount of food we’ve inhaled. I think I’ve eaten enough to hibernate for the winter! We’re still go go going >> Continue reading

Holiday traditions for my family

My family has quite a few holiday traditions and now with my own little one I hope to continue those and start a few new ones that we can continue through the years. Last year she was only 4 weeks old so while she celebrated Christmas she didn’t get to participate in any of it. While she’s not old enough to understand Christmas I believe she does know that it’s >> Continue reading

Thank you for your support!

Cathy and I would like to thank everyone for your overwhelming show of support for our business venture! We’ve received the most wonderful emails and comments from friends, family and even a new customer! We also received some great suggestions and product ideas so please keep them coming! Don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list to receive updates and promotions information!