Daily Learning Board

Anticipating a daily barrage of “What are we doing today mommy?” over the summer months I created this daily board for the kids. It started out as a board to show them what activities they would be doing and where they may be going that day. As I was drawing out the concept I thought adding date/time and weather sections would be a fun interactive way to get them thinking about >> Continue reading

Gadget love runs in the family

We adore gadgets in my house. My husband always gets me the best gifts. One year I got a minidisc player. Another year I got a Sony Clie and of course last year I got a Canon T1i. We are getting Little peanut started early with the obsession. Check it out…

On-the-go artist

Christmas has long been over but I finally got around to snapping some pictures of my 11th hour crafting on Christmas Eve Eve (we open gifts on Christmas Eve after Church and a late late dinner. Some years you could say we open gifts early Christmas morning… say at 1am!) So there I was trying to think of some stocking stuffers for Little Peanut when I remembered this: We were >> Continue reading

Mommy brag: itsy bitsy spiders….

As Mommies (and Daddies) not only did we gain an additional member of our family but we gained bragging rights! What? You didn’t read that part in What to Expect When You’re Expecting?! Ok, so maybe it wasn’t in there… but everyone knows parents love to brag about their kids. And well, since this is my blog…. We were in the midst of a little photo shoot of one of >> Continue reading

How motherhood has changed me

I’ve been a mother of two for five weeks now and I’ve got to say it’s made me realize how much time I had before I had kids. Sometimes I reminisce about those carefree days and wonder what the heck I did with all that time! Besides the lack of time do everything I want, I’ve also noted other changes in me as I’ve experienced motherhood (I’m wondering if this might >> Continue reading

Dinner & movie nights

Before Cathy and I had kids, we had dinner and movie nights pretty frequently. The husbands really enjoyed it too because it was our opportunity to try something new and be creative with our dishes, whether the recipe came from one of our trusted cookbooks or from an episode of “Everyday Italian” or “Barefoot Contessa” that we watched earlier in the week. Of course, Cathy and I did all the planning, first >> Continue reading