Finger Knitting Fun

“Mommy can you show me how to do that thing with the string and sticks?” She had seen me knitting earlier in the week and wanted to make a scarf for her brother. Yay! I was so excited she wanted to learn! I quickly found a pair of size 10 needles and some chunky yarn. I cast-on about 20 stitches and showed her the knit stitch. She had trouble wrapping >> Continue reading

Craft Hope

Being a procrastinator that I am I just shipped off these hats to Craft Hope today. The story about the Littlest Warrior brought tears to my eyes and I knew I wanted to participate. Not only are hats one of my favorite things to knit but all of the items are going to local (MN) children’s hospitals. Learn more about Craft Hope – I’m looking forward to the next >> Continue reading

St. Patrick’s Day crafts

Get ready for St. Patrick’s Day with these fun crafts I found online. Living Locurto made some great cupcake toppers but you can use them for anything really. Stickers and buttons come to mind for me. Download them here. Martha Stewart has a ton of crafts but I think these Shamrock Boutonnieres are sweet way to accessorize your St. Patrick’s Day outfit. Learn how to make them here. Are you >> Continue reading

Knitting needles for beginners

Knitting caught my attention seven years ago when some women at my workplace brought in some knitting projects for a “knitting lunch” and asked if I’d like to join. I thought learning how to knit would be the challenge I was looking for and accepted their invitation. I just needed some knitting needles and yarn, right?! I remember buying my first set of knitting needles quite vividly. I went to Michael’s and >> Continue reading

Diving right in

A lot of people are surprised to learn that I’m a self-taught knitter or that I knit at all! It all started when I got married and discovered a love for HGTV. I remember watching a show called “crafters from coast to coast” and thinking that it would be fun to pick up a crafting hobby. I initially learned from a “Learn to Knit” kit I picked up at Michaels. >> Continue reading