How motherhood has changed me

I’ve been a mother of two for five weeks now and I’ve got to say it’s made me realize how much time I had before I had kids. Sometimes I reminisce about those carefree days and wonder what the heck I did with all that time! Besides the lack of time do everything I want, I’ve also noted other changes in me as I’ve experienced motherhood (I’m wondering if this might >> Continue reading

Party themes!

As my little peanut’s first birthday comes closer and closer I’ve been thinking about what type of party to have for her. Of course I turned to some of my favorite blogs for inspiration- and boy am I in awe of some of these party themes. Check these out… Tinkerbright theme from Hostest with the Mostest blog When I do buy clothes for my daughter I tend to go with >> Continue reading

Getting rid of my “wobbly bits”

Having been a mother for a little over a year, I learned very quickly that mother/parenthood is all about making sacrifices. And boy did I sacrifice my body! I gained almost 30 pounds with my pregnancy and have since worked my way back into my pre-pregnancy weight. Ironically, I actually fit my clothes better post-baby, but I also lost a lot of muscle tone. The other day, my son Isaac lifted >> Continue reading

Pretty & Practical

If your child is like mine, he receives many gifts that–I’ll be honest with you–don’t get a lot of mileage. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the thought and the gift itself, but at the end of the day, he loses interest in it. And then it takes up space and starts to collect dust. (Hmmm, I hope I didn’t just talk Isaac out of some presents come Christmas time!). When I create things, >> Continue reading