Featured on etsyitemoftheday.com

If you haven’t heard of etsyitemoftheday.com then you’re missing out! Jackie has daily posts on some of her favorite items and finds from Etsy. Yesterday happened to be embe’s day! Go now and check out what she had to say about our Raffey Graspers. I have to say, not only do I love Jackie’s taste in Etsy items but I’m in love with her site design!

Etsy favorite Wed: Baby sewing patterns

With a craft room/office in the horizon I’m already imagining myself at the sewing machine whipping up some adorable baby items for my Little Peanut. These are just a few of the amazing patterns I found! First row: Madeline tie apron dress,  baby sneakers, boutique style swing dress Second row: Ruffled diaper covers, Mademoiselle coat, Liberty lion plush Wow! Three of these patterns have already sold in between yesterday and >> Continue reading

Use the diapers and packaging too!

My daughter loves toys that make the crinkly noise. She also loves to wake up before us in the mornings but we’re lucky that she will play in her crib for awhile before calling out for “ma ma ma ma.” We usually know she’s up though by the “crinkle crinkle” noises coming from the crib because I always put the soft one in before I go to bed. She only >> Continue reading