Tin Can Vase

I’m sort of a tin can and glass jar horder. One of our laundry room cupboards is filled with em! Last night I finally pulled them out to do some crafting. My garden is almost blooming and with it being wedding season I got a little romantic with my tin can vases! Love, cherish, adore, XOXO are stamped onto the fabric. The fabrics are bleached and non-bleached muslin cut with >> Continue reading

Daddy’s Button Down turned Toddler Apron

In honor of Earth Day, I took a couple of my husband’s old button down shirts and turned them into aprons for my kids. It was a great way to reuse stuff we already had and as an added bonus, it was a super quick project! For my girl’s apron, the neck was too large so I simply cut down the center of the collar and overlapped it. I used >> Continue reading

Storage problems solved

Every time I go to the store (Target, Marshalls, Bed Bath and Beyond, Ikea etc) I look at the plethora of storage boxes. Canvas, leather, paper, wicker, plastic… the options are endless. The problem? None of them fit the spaces I want to put them in (10×10 and 10×14) or were the wrong color. Then a few months ago I discovered Make It and Love It and her tutorial on >> Continue reading

3-ring binder binds find new life

As a knitter I have tons of patterns that hope to make someday printed and organized into 3-ring binders (this was the days before Ravelry!) They were looking a bit uninspired and plain on my bookshelf. To give them a new look I cut scrapbook paper to size and tucked it in the bind. Rather then trying to remember which color binder was which I stamped the words “PATTERNS – >> Continue reading

Tissue box mobile

Tissue boxes have become more decorative over the years. Gone are the days of the marbled blues, greens, and browns – thank goodness! For a long time I always thought it was a shame to toss them out (in the recycling bin of course!) but never knew what to do with them if I kept them. Then one day it hit me, I could use them to make a mobile >> Continue reading

Use the diapers and packaging too!

My daughter loves toys that make the crinkly noise. She also loves to wake up before us in the mornings but we’re lucky that she will play in her crib for awhile before calling out for “ma ma ma ma.” We usually know she’s up though by the “crinkle crinkle” noises coming from the crib because I always put the soft one in before I go to bed. She only >> Continue reading