Last-minute holiday decorating idea – holiday card hangings

While I was digging through my holiday decorations box, I came across some old Christmas cards that I had received last year. It sparked an idea for a decoration for the vertical window next to my front door. This is a quick way to spruce up any window, wall or staircase. All you need is ribbon, tape and holiday cards! Here are the easy steps: 1) Normally, holiday cards are >> Continue reading

Wrap gifts like a pro!

One summer I worked in the Wrap and Send department of what was then Dayton’s (now Macy’s). It was a fun job because one of my best friends worked there along with a handful of other high school students. What was better then hanging out with friends and wrapping presents in pretty paper? While I already knew how to wrap gifts (my mom use to make my sister and I >> Continue reading

Use the diapers and packaging too!

My daughter loves toys that make the crinkly noise. She also loves to wake up before us in the mornings but we’re lucky that she will play in her crib for awhile before calling out for “ma ma ma ma.” We usually know she’s up though by the “crinkle crinkle” noises coming from the crib because I always put the soft one in before I go to bed. She only >> Continue reading