Gathered [camera] strap cover

Last week Little Peanut fell off a stool and fractured her arm. Luckily it’s just a hairline fracture so no cast needed but she does need to wear a sling for a month. As soon as I saw it ideas for making it girly and cute popped into my head. Unfortunately she had other ideas and refused to let me touch it. We’re only 4 days in so there’s still >> Continue reading

Fluffy blanket with initial

When my daughter was born she received tons of baby blankets. At the time I wasn’t sure what we were going to do with all of them. But sure enough we ended up using them all. There are three that the girl has claimed for her own and has said the rest are ok for her brother to use too. Its great that she knows how to share but I >> Continue reading

Poufs and pillows

Long overdue but hopefully worth the wait!  The next installment of the little girls room – the reading nook! Read part 1 here. What started in my mind as a reading nook has since turned into just a hideout cuddling corner because she keeps taking the books downstairs. 🙂 The canopy is from Ikea. Initially I had planned on DIY but knew it would cost way more then $20. It’s >> Continue reading

Little Red Riding Hood Grows Up

Apparently I have a thing for red and tops with hoods. One of our best sellers is the Little Red Riding Hood Poncho. I made the first one when my girl was only 2 weeks old! Grandma had come over for the day and spent most of it cuddling with her on the couch while I got to rest and knit. Fast forward three years [sidebar: oh wow 3 years >> Continue reading

I am a child of God.

Last month our boy was Baptized. My mom being the sentimental type saved my younger brothers baptismal outfit and has passed it down to us kids. I had intended on having our little guy wear it but when I tried on the onesie was way too large which kind of makes sense because my brother towers over the rest of our family. (We don’t know where he got it from! >> Continue reading

Baby wearing

Newborns always get tons of “oohs” and “ahhs” when going out but I’ve noticed that we get a lot more whenever the babe is in a sling. Many moms inquire about the Moby Wrap and how we like it. Others comment on how he looks so snug and comfortable. I’m a huge fan of our Moby and am so glad my cousin sent me hers to use when we had >> Continue reading

Fleece swing jacket

Little Peanut’s closet is full of adorable sleeveless a-line dresses that haven’t been worn since winter hit. After seeing this Cropped Fleece Jacket from Shwin&Shwin I knew I found a solution to our problem! While hers was military inspired mine took on more of a vintage swing jacket look (probably due to my lazy “lets just eyeball the measurements and cutting” technique!) I still love how it turned out and >> Continue reading

On-the-go artist

Christmas has long been over but I finally got around to snapping some pictures of my 11th hour crafting on Christmas Eve Eve (we open gifts on Christmas Eve after Church and a late late dinner. Some years you could say we open gifts early Christmas morning… say at 1am!) So there I was trying to think of some stocking stuffers for Little Peanut when I remembered this: We were >> Continue reading

The chef has her own kitchen!

The Little Peanut loves to cook. Especially to make soup for her daddy. We got her cooking pots and pans for Christmas and I figured she needed her own kitchen to go along with it. Living in a condo leaves little room for big toy items such as a real kitchen (which I would LOVE to get if money and space were no issue!) I went for second best: Making >> Continue reading

Fat Quarter Apron

Little Peanut has a lot of fun play cooking by pulling out all the tupperware and pantry items. Her favorite item to cook is soup for daddy. I always try to get her to wear her Little chef apron but she puts it on for a few seconds and then wants it off. She’s no stranger to watching mom (or grandma) cook but aprons have never been apart of our >> Continue reading