My name is Cathy and I’m a Mac

Before our daughter was born we put our condo on the market. During the de-cluttering and staging process we decided that not everyone was as geeky as us and would want 3 desktop computers and 2 laptops in their bedroom. So the mini lab was packed up and I switched to using my husbands Macbook Air. Being a PC person I thought the switch would be hard. It wasn’t. I >> Continue reading

Fabric Houses

Over the past few days the Little Peanut has been spending a lot of time with a little toy dog. Feeding it, giving it water, hugs and kisses… I started thinking about building a small collapse-able cardboard dog house so that it could be put away when she wasn’t playing with it. While trying to construct one in my head my mind wondered again to this fabric house from UK >> Continue reading

Sew fun to make for the kids and home

When Mary gave me a sewing machine for Christmas three (or was it four?!) years ago sewing went to the top of the hobby list.  It’s a shame I don’t have a craft room yet or much storage for fabric otherwise we’d be up to our necks in it! Every day it seems I add patterns to my already long list. These are a few recent ones I’ve added and >> Continue reading

Meet Peter Puppy

You may remember a few weeks ago our Etsy favorite Wednesday: Baby sewing patterns featured the Liberty Lion pattern. I couldn’t resist the adorable patterns and the buy one get one sale from Bit of Whimsy Dolls and bought the Peter Puppy and Millie Monkey patterns. With the Little Peanut at grandma’s house and no contract work to do I declared today “me” day and finally got to create my >> Continue reading

Etsy favorite Wed: Baby sewing patterns

With a craft room/office in the horizon I’m already imagining myself at the sewing machine whipping up some adorable baby items for my Little Peanut. These are just a few of the amazing patterns I found! First row: Madeline tie apron dress,  baby sneakers, boutique style swing dress Second row: Ruffled diaper covers, Mademoiselle coat, Liberty lion plush Wow! Three of these patterns have already sold in between yesterday and >> Continue reading