Kindness has no language barriers

Picture some tourists huddled under a storefront awning trying to keep dry from the rain while inspecting their tourist map. Would you stop and see if they needed help? One young boy did and saved us a lot of angst, time and money. I was so touched by his kindness that to this day I still remember him and try to pass along the kindness he showed to us that >> Continue reading

The day I told hubby I was pregnant…

I’ll never forgot the day I told my husband that I was pregnant. We had suffered a miscarriage the month prior and decided to give ourselves some time to recover. Well, that recovery period was shortened when I discovered that I was pregnant again. I was extra cautious this time and decided to wait a month which was so hard! I had to bite my tongue so many times, but >> Continue reading

Ouch! The pains of child/mommyhood ;)

When my son Isaac was around 9-10 months, he started offering his food to me. Whether it was a cracker or some cereal he was snacking on, he’d stick out his chubby hands and gave me a look as if to ask “Mommy, would you like some?”. Most of the time I’d politely say “Oh no Isaac, you eat it…Mommy’s full but thank you!”. Well, one day he was munching >> Continue reading