Last-minute handmade gift ideas – Part 1

One of my nieces mentioned that she wanted a spa trip for Christmas. Well, I couldn’t buy her an actual trip but decided to give her (along with my other two nieces) a spa experience. So I’m putting together some spa bags filled with nail polish, manicure/pedicure accessories, facial masks and more! I wanted to personalize it as well so I included a personalized towel for each. Here’s what I >> Continue reading

“Big boy” toddler towels

I gave my son a bath the other day and noticed that the hoodie towels that he’s been using ever since he was born were getting a little small. They would probably be okay if the weather were warmer but since we’re just at the beginning of winter, I thought he could use some larger, warmer towels so I decided to make a couple for him. Here’s how to make >> Continue reading