My childhood lovies

As a child I had a lot of lovies. There was a teddy bear that I’ve forgotten the name of but he’s present in quite a bit of my childhood photos. Then there was Christina the faux Cabbage Patch Doll my dad made me. There was also the real Cabbage patch doll I eventually got (and also named Christina). Finally there was Sally. The famous one of them all. She >> Continue reading

Birthday gift idea on a budget

For my nieces’ birthdays, I wanted to get them something extra special. As I do not have any kids their ages (six and eight), I had no clue what would be considered “cool” for that age group. I did, however, remember that they both liked to play “cook” (I was the recipient of many plastic and imaginary foods!) and that sparked a fun idea! Since I already had a collection >> Continue reading

Welcome to embe!

Cathy and I are very excited to unveil embe, our online shop offering unique, handmade gifts for babies and tots! I remember one day back in May when we took the kids on their first official playdate, the idea came up to start something together. At first, I thought “it’s just an idea” but after giving it some thought, I realized that there was something there. During our first meeting, >> Continue reading