Storage problems solved

Every time I go to the store (Target, Marshalls, Bed Bath and Beyond, Ikea etc) I look at the plethora of storage boxes. Canvas, leather, paper, wicker, plastic… the options are endless. The problem? None of them fit the spaces I want to put them in (10×10 and 10×14) or were the wrong color. Then a few months ago I discovered Make It and Love It and her tutorial on >> Continue reading

3-ring binder binds find new life

As a knitter I have tons of patterns that hope to make someday printed and organized into 3-ring binders (this was the days before Ravelry!) They were looking a bit uninspired and plain on my bookshelf. To give them a new look I cut scrapbook paper to size and tucked it in the bind. Rather then trying to remember which color binder was which I stamped the words “PATTERNS – >> Continue reading

WordPress plugin shout out #2

This installment of plugins features ones embe uses for layout. Without some of these, especially the custom widgets, our site wouldn’t allow us much flexibility with our different pages. TS Custom Widgets Enables us to use different widgets on different pages. It can also display different widgets on posts, pages, categories, authors posts and tag pages. I like this one for its ease of adding different sidebar items without having >> Continue reading

Color me blue – or just the water!

My daughter recently discovered my stash of beauty products under the bathroom sink. Don’t worry, I’ve moved it now that she’s found it! I keep them  in a small basket and it houses things such as lotion, hair products, nail polish remover, hair clips, brush etc. I would have thought with so many things available for her to get into she would go from one thing to another, but nope, >> Continue reading

Pretty & Practical

If your child is like mine, he receives many gifts that–I’ll be honest with you–don’t get a lot of mileage. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the thought and the gift itself, but at the end of the day, he loses interest in it. And then it takes up space and starts to collect dust. (Hmmm, I hope I didn’t just talk Isaac out of some presents come Christmas time!). When I create things, >> Continue reading