Creativity is inside all of us!

Some of us have a lot and some of us have a little… and that’s okay! We all live busy lives but there’s always room (even if it’s just a little) for some creativity and crafting. At embe, we want to help you find your creative side. From custom vinyl accents, paper crafts, fabric appliques and more, our designs are made from the heart. You just take what we start and add your personal touch for a fabulous, finished piece of art!

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Featured craft project

LEGO party fit for a five year old!DIY: LEGO Themed Birthday Party
This year was a milestone birthday for my boy – the big 0-5! So I went to town creating goodies that incorporated his latest passion – LEGOs for a LEGO themed birthday party. I had just as much fun making as the kids did receiving them. Needless to say, it was a hit!